Wanda Dubrau


- 2006 to 2012  studies of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts- Braunschweig

  with Prof. Friedemann von Stockhausen, Prof. Michael Brynntrup and Prof. Candice Breitz

- jan to okt 2010  studies at the „Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado la Esmeralda" with Prof. Alfredo Salomon and  

  Prof. Andrea di Castro, Mexiko-City, Mexico

- july 2012  Diploma in Fine Arts with Prof. Candice Breitz


  born in Dresden

  lives and works in Berlin


 selection of projects / exhibitions 

- 27.9. 2008  les secrets, performance as part of the festival Préavis de désordre urbain, Marseille, France

- 4.5.2009  performer in the production Begehr, concept: Julia Dick & Bianca Muckelmann, LOT- Theater, Braunschweig

- 9.5.-6.6.2009  a visit from Braunschweig, group exhibition, Organ House, Chongqing, China

- 1.9.-30.9.2009  carava fusca, performance cooperation project between the HBK-Braunschweig and the 

  Universidade Federal de Sao Jao del-Rei, Brasil

- 19.11.2009  Casa Phüsicalle, performance of the Performance-Group HBK- Braunschweig, Villa Vaudeville, Hannover

- 25.2.-30.4.2011  x Freunschaftsanfragen, group exhibition, Kunstverein Wolfsburg

- 17.5.2011  the sleeping demonstrant, performance, BS-Visite, Braunschweig

- 20.-22.5.2011  curation of the artisic program of the attac-congress Jenseits des Wachstums in

  cooperation with the artist group logotorium, TU- Berlin

- 3.-8.10.2011  performance-festival ANTENA in cooperation with Maj Britt Jensen, Mexico-City

- 30.5.2012  auf hoher See, performance, LOT- Theater, Braunschweig

- 22.6. 2012  ein Spaziergang durch die Stadt..., performance as part of the event Here & There. Now and Then, Atelier Thronfolger,

- 14.3.-14.6.2013  gegenüber. vor uns., solo exhibition, CITY-Gallery, Wolfsburg

- 5.7.2013  Kunst für dich, performance as pasrt of the event heute viel Neues, Kunstverein Hannover

- 10.1.2014  off the amazon, performance, Grüntaler 9, Berlin

- 27.4.2014  der Weg zum Glück, performance, Wolfsburg

- 25.5.2014  baden gehn, performance as part of the festival  Movimentos, Wolfsburg

- 4.+ 5.6.2014  aus Dauer performance with the die Kneten,  Ballhaus Ost

- 4.-6.7.2014  mein Schloß ist euer Schloß, performance as part of the festival  Ist da wer?, Wolfenbüttel

- 19.12.2014  the futurebread - Wie man das Brot der Zukunft bäckt, performance, Grüntaler 9, Berlin

- 12.+13.6.2015  golden society: Neukölln sanieren, performance idanowhere + Heimathafen Neukölln Berlin

- 26.+27.7.2015  Neukölln. a better place, performative City-Tour  as part of the festival b- tours, Berlin

- 22.1.2016  golden society. 24 h Wedding, performance, Grüntaler 9, Berlin

- 19.3.2016  über eine Kollaboration as part of APAB Series #1, Glogau Air

- 22.5.2016  24h golden society Mitte, private flat

- 29.5.2016  a Ringbahn Chorus: NUDE FLUTES from Hermannstr. to Hermannstr  as part of reflektor fesival

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